The official list of codes used by in the processing of GCMS files
A11.2: Reference to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act section 11.2
ADR: Additional Document Requirement
AFU: Anti Fraud Unit (used to verify applicant's employment, family relationship etc)
AIP: Approval in principal
AL: Authorization Letter see
AOR: Acknowledgement of Receipt
AUTHORITY: Officer's name
BDEC: Background Decision
BELA: Batch Email and Letter Application (used by visa officers to send messages to applicants)
BGC: Background Check (includes criminality, security and info sharing)
BIL: Biometrics Instruction Letter
CDA: CDA stands for Canada
CIBIDS: Canadian Immigration Biometric Identification System
CMAU: Centralized Medical Admissibility Unit; located in Ottawa, Canada
COR: Country Of Residence
COI: Country Of Origin
ECAS: Electronic Client Application Status
EDE: Excessive demand exempt
EE MI: Express Entry Ministerial Instructions
EE Econ: Express Entry Economic Class
EIOD: Enforcement and Intelligence Operations Directorate (at CBSA)
FCU: Family Class Unit
FILE BF'D TO: File forward to
FINDEC: Final Decision
FOSS: Central database of applications
HB: Health Branch
HOF: Holder of file
ICES: Integrated Customs Enforcement System (a CBSA database)
IME: Immigration Medical Examination
IMMCAT: Immigration Catergory
IPRMS: Integrated Payment Revenue Management System (department responsible for processing client payments)
MAU: Medical Admissibility Unit (responsible for assessing results of medical examinations and making decisions about admissibility)
MOF: Medical Officer
MEDDEC: Medical Decision
M01-MO7: Level of Medical assessment. M01 means perfect
NCR: No Criminal Record
NAI: No Adverse Information
NOC: National Occupation Classificaton
NRT: No Reportable Trace (a report given to CIC when CSIS has no adverse information on the immigration applicant)
NSSD: National Security Screening Division (at CBSA; conducts Security screening checks)
NTC: National Targeting Centre (at CBSA; conducts open source checks for Security Screening)
OREQ: Other Requirement
OSD: Operation Service Division
PA: Principal Applicant
PAL: Pre Arrival Letter
PHEP: Photos, Height, Eye color and Passport
PPV: Passport with Visa
PS: Prescreen (Paper selection)
PReVU: IRCC system used to verify personal information. It's not related to security screening
PSDEC: Paper Selection Decision
PPS: Point of paper screening stage
PI: Principal immigrant
R75: Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) class selection criteria
R76: MEC criteria
R87: Provincial Nominee Class eligibility criteria (R87.1 for CEC)
RC-6262: Responsibility Centre 6262 (CIO Centralized Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia)
RC-6029: New Delhi
RC-9245: OSC Operations Support Centre in Ottawa, Ontario
RC-9518: CPC Edmonton
RC-3296: Etobicoke IRCC
RC-9515: Regional Centre Ottawa
RC-9570: Regional Centre Mississauga
RC-6023: Regional Medical Centre London
RC-6055: Regional Centre Kenya
RC-6057: Regional Centre Singapore
RC-6112: Regional Centre Dakar
R10: Reference to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulation Section 10;
RROC: Rapid Response Operations Centre/Resettlement Operations Centre in Ottawa
RFV: Ready for Visa (means PR application is approved)
SW1: Skill Worker 1
SEC CRIM: Security criminal
SELDEC: Selection Decision
SP: Spouse
SPOC: Single Point of Contact (in reference to info sharing b/w US & Canada)
TFR: Transfer of file, to an office based on application category & work load distribution
USNIV: United States Non-Immigrant Visa (used when an applicant fails to declare previous US visa refusals)
UMI: Unique Medical Identifier in Medical Information Sheet
VO: Visa Office
XSD: Excessive demand (e.g. related to medical results)
XREF: Cross referenced applicant
Additional Resources
IRCC Help Centre:
IRCC Glossary:
Permanent Resident Determinations
1 or M male
2 or F female
1 single
2 married
3 widowed
4 divorced
5 separated
8 common-law partner
(Height must be between 31 cm and 268 cm)
1 (or metric + height)
2 (or imperial + height, 0 for unknown)
0 Unknown
1 black
2 blue
3 brown
4 green
5 hazel
6 gray
7 other
0 not defined
1 unknown
2 confirmed
3 estimated
1 maiden name
2 son/daughter of
3 other surname or different spelling
4 other given name/different spelling or nickname
5 spouse's surname
6 intended spouse's surname
1 fluent in English
2 fluent in French
3 fluent in both
4 fluent in neither
00 none
01 secondary or less
02 formal trade certificate, diploma or apprenticeship e.g. hairdresser
03 other non-university certificate or diploma e.g. registered nurse, denial technician
04 some university, no degree
05 bachelor's degree of first professional degree e.g. BA B.Ed, B.Eng.,LLB. MD
06 some post graduate, no further degree
07 master's degree
08 doctorate , Phd
9911.0 Student
9992.0 Retired
9970.0 Homemaker
9980.0 Dependant (other than student)
9914.0 New Worker
9999.0 Open Work Permit 0001.0 investor
CN1 Control - Independent Class - London
CN2 Control - Independent Class - Hong Kong
CN3 Control - Independent Class - New Delhi
PN1 Pilot - Independent Class - London
PN2 Pilot- Independent Class - Hong Kong
PN3 Pilot - Independent Class -New Delhi
CF3 Control - Family Class - New Delhi
CF4 Control - Family Class - Singapore
PF3 Pilot - Family Class - New Delhi
PF4 Pilot - Family Class - Singapore
IF3 Imaging - Family Class - New Delhi
AB Alberta
BC British Columbia
MO Manitoba
NB New Brunswick
NF Newfoundland
NS Nova Scotia
NT Northwest Territories
NU Nunavut
ON Ontario
PE Prince Edward Island
PQ Quebec
SK Saskatchewan
YT Yukon
1 principal applicant
2 dependant is spouse of principal applicant
3 neither 2, 4 nor 6 apply
4 dependant is a child over 19 or relationship to principal applicant is GRANDSON or GRANDDAUGHTER (pre-Proclamation cases)
5 common-law partner
6 dependant is child over 22 or relationship to principal applicant is GRANDSON or GRANDDAUGHTER (post-Proclamation cases)
1 designated occupation
3 arranged employment as minister or in family business
4 has EMP5056.
1. Holds Work Permit on the basis of an HRDC Confirmation -R 82(2)(a)
2. Holds Work Permit on the basis of an HRDC confirmation -R 82{2)(b)
3. HRDC permanent confirmation has been issued -R82(2)(c)
R Documents rec'd from physician, but not yet assessed
F Case furthered
B Pending review by Medical Advisory Board
H Pending decision by HQ
A Assessed and finalized
N No document received for this family member
M1 enter 01
M2 enter 02
M3 enter 03
M4 enter 04
M5 enter 05
M6 enter 06
M6 enter 06
M7 enter 07
M2/3 enter 23
M4/5 enter 45
M4/6 enter 46
M4/7 enter 47
M6/7 enter 67
FPA fee paid abroad
FPC fee paid in Canada
FPE fee paid at Port of Entry
FPS T11 decision pending - Quebec cases only
R01 CR or DC case
R02 Citizens of Finland
R03 Application commenced before 03/02/86.
RQ4 found not to be a refugee
ROS re-opened case, no change in previous coding
RPA Refund processed abroad (appl. fee)
RPC Refund processed in Canada (appl. fee)
999 none of the above apply
LFA paid abroad
LFC paid in Canada
L FD payment deferred - non PQ
LFN not applicable
LFP partial refund
LFQ payment deferred - Quebec
LFR refund
LFS supplementary payment.
LLA landing loan approved
LXR exempt refugees
(CAIPS offices only)
LFE paid elsewhere
LFT file transfer to another mission
LRC refunded in Canada on FC refused case
2 Ordered Landed
3 Early Admission
7 19(1)(c), Order-in-Council
8 19(2)(a), Ministerial decision
HC1 Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration
OYW One Year Window of Opportunity
UPX Urgent Protection Program
AWR Assistance to Women at Risk
REF Convention Refugee Selected Abroad
SLB Sierra Leone Blended Sponsorship Case
DFD De Facto Dependant
KQF Fast Track Kosovo Refugees
EXD Bosnian Ex-Detainees
FC1 Spouse
FC2 Fiance(e) (pre-Proclamation cases only)
FC3 Son/Daughter
FC4 All parents and grandparents
FCS Orphaned brother/sister/nephew/niece/grandchild
FC6 Child to be adopted
FC7 Other relative
FC9 Child adopted by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (IRPA - Effective September 2002)
FCB Guardianship
FCC Common Law Partner
FCE Conjugal Partner
FCH Family Relationships - H&C
DC1 Government assistance required
DC2 Approved IMM1298 or IMM1344 on file
DC3 Sponsored by group or corporation
DC4 Self-supporting, government assistance not required
DC5 Selected under joint assistance sponsorship
DC8 Refugee claimants; designated class; backlog claimants
AR1 Brother/sister
AR4 Son/daughter
ART Other Assisted Relatives
EN2 Entrepreneur
SE2 Self-employed
ND2 Other independent Immigrants
PV2 Provincial nominee processed abroad
RS1 Government assistance required
RS3 Sponsored by group of five or corporation for 12 months (pre-Proclamation only)
RS4 Self supporting, government assistance not required
RS5 Special needs case selected under joint assistance sponsorship
RSX Sponsored by group or corporation for 12-24 months (pre-Proclamation only) (IRPA - Effective September 2002)
RSC Source country with a Community Sponsorship
RSG Source country sponsored by a Group of Five.
RSS Source country sponsored by a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH).
RA3 Sponsored by group of five or corporation for 12 months (pre-Proclamation only),
RA4 Self supporting, government assistance not required
RA5 Special needs case selected under joint assistance sponsorship on an exceptional basis
RAX Sponsored by group or corporation for 12-24 months (pre-Proclamation only) (IRPA - Effective September 2002)
RAC Country of asylum with a Community Sponsorship
RAG Country of asylum sponsored by s Group of Five
RAS Country of asylum sponsored by a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH).
DR1 Dependant of a CRS refugee claimant who resides fn Canada and who has not been deemed to be a Convention refugee by the IRB
DR2 Dependant of a CRS refugee claimant who resides abroad and who has not been deemed to be a Convention refugee in his/her own right
RM2 Dependant residing abroad of a member of the deferred removal order class
LC1 Member of the live-in caregiver^ in Canada class and dependants in Canada
LC2 Dependant residing abroad of a member of the (live-in-caregivers in Canada class
PD1 Member of the post-determination refugee
PD2 Dependant of a member of the post determination refugee claimant in Canada class: residing abroad
NV1 Investor in private business commercial venture/individual applicant
NV2 Investor in private business commercial venture/multiple applicant
NV3 Investor tn privately administered investment syndicate
NV4 Investor in government administered capital venture funds
NV5 Investor
SW1 Skilled Worker
CR1 Government assistance required
CR2 App. undertaking on file as assisted relatives or family class
CR3 Sponsored by group of five or corporation for T2; months (pre-Proclamation only)
CR4 Self-supporting, government assistance not required
CR5 Special needs case selected under joint assistance sponsorship
CR8 Convention Refugees (CR) and their dependants who are recognized as Convention refugees in their own right by the IRB
CRX Sponsored by group or corporation for 12-24 months (pre-Proclamation only)
(IRPA - Effective September 2Q02)
CRC Convention refugee abroad with a Community Sponsorship
CRG Convention refugee abroad sponsored by a Group of Five,
CRS Convention refugee abroad sponsored by a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH)
C1023 RPRF Requested
D1Q01 Referred to CIC
D1005 Application Forwarded to MRCI
M1004 Requested Info/Documentation Received
R1001 IMM1017- Medical Instructions issued
S1000 Letter-Missing Info - Supporting Documentation
X1002 RPRF Received.
X1004 Paper File Received
X1005 Response from MRCI Received
X1006 Response from CIC Received
X2002 Refusal Recommended
X2003 Interview Required
X2004 Refer to QA
X2007 Suspended
D1020 IMM1000 Created/Updated (pre-Proclamation only)
D1062 Immigrant Case Re-opened
D1063 IMM5292 Issued/Updated
D1064 Immigrant Foil Issued/Updated
D1065 Change in immigrant Category
M1000 Application Received
X1000 Immigrant File Created
X1001 Interview Date
X1003 File Transferred
X1007 File on Loan to Satellite
X1008 File Returned to RPC
X1009 File Transferred to Portable CAIPS
X1010 File Transferred from Portable CAIPS
X2000 Paper Screening Decision Entered,
X2001 Selection Decision Entered
X2005 Security Decision Entered
X2006 Final Decision Entered
X3000 Centralized Processing ND Pilot Application
X3001 Centralized Processing ND Control Application
X3002 Centralized Processing FC Pilot Application
X3003 Centralized Processing FC Control Application
X3004 Imaging Family Class Cases for New Delhi
A92 A93 X86 J88
M92 M94 N79
J02 (June 2002. IRPA)
Decision Codes
1 passed
2 failed
3 withdrawal
1 passed
2 passed on discretion
3 OIC required (pro-Proclamation cases)
4 waived
5 failed
6 failed on discretion
7 withdrawn
S passed (H & C consideration) (for Refugees only)
1 passed
2 omitted - all under 18
3 incomplete
4 failed
1 passed
2 Incomplete
3 failed
4 dependant failed
1 passed
2 OIC obtained
3 incomplete
4 failed
5 failed - criminal
6 failed - province
7 rehabilitation approved
8 rehabilitation denied
1 visa issued
2 permit issued/to be Issued
4 refused
5 withdrawn
1 passed
2 omitted
3 pending
4 refused
1 passed
2 omitted
3 pending
4 refused
A Not meeting the definition of CR. RA or RS
B Not having the ability to successfully establish
C Not being able to be resettled for financial reasons
D Medical Admissibility
E Security
F Criminality
Acronyms used at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
English Description
AOR Acknowledgment of Receipt
AWR Women at Risk
BSO Border Service Officer
BVOR Blended Visa Office-Referred Program
CA Contribution Agreement
CAT Convention Against Torture
CBSA Canada Border Services Agency
CCR Canadian Council for Refugees
CEC Canadian Experience Class
CFP Call for Proposals
CG Constituent Group
CHRA Canadian Human Rights Act
CHRC Canadian Human Rights Commission
CIC Citizenship and Immigration Canada
CLB Canadian Language Benchmarks
CLBA Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment
CLPR Country of Last Permanent Residence
CMAS Childminding Monitoring Advisory and Support
COB Country of Birth
COI Certificate of Identity
COPR Confirmation of Permanent Residence
CPC Case Processing Centre
CR Convention Refugee
CS Community Sponsor
CSIS Canadian Security Intelligence Service
CSQ Certificate of Selection for Québec
DIO Designated Immigration Officer
DMR Destination Matching Request
DMP Designated Medical Practitioner
DOB Date of Birth
DOJ Department of Justice
DR Family Members of Protected Persons
EO Examination Officer
ESDC Employment and Social Development Canada
ESL English as a Second Language
ETD Emergency Travel Document
FC Family Class
FSWP Federal Skilled Workers Program
FN Foreign National
FPT Federal, Provincial, Territorial
FSL French as a Second Language
G5 Group of Five
GAC Global Affairs Canada (formally DFATD)
GAR Government-Assisted Refugee
GCMS Global Case Management System
GOC Government Operations Centre
GoC or GC Government of Canada
H&C Humanitarian and Compassionate
HDC Humanitarian Designated Classes
HPC Humanitarian - Protected Persons Abroad Class
iCARE Immigration Contribution Agreement Reporting Environment
ICCPR International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
ICCRC Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council
IDP Internally Displaced Person
IFHP Interim Federal Health Program
ILS Interim Lodging Site
IME Immigration Medical Examination
INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization
IO Immigration Officer
IOM International Organization for Migration
IR International Region
IRB Immigration and Refugee Board
IRCC Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
IRPA Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
IRPR Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations
IS Income Support
JAS Joint Assistance Sponsorship
LINC Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada
LIP Local Immigration Partnerships
MC Matching Centre
NAT Notification of Arrival Transmission
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NRA NATO Refugees Agency
NRAC National Risk Assessment Centre
NSC National Settlement Council
OGD Other Government Department
OLM Official Language Minority
PA Principal Applicant
PA Privacy Act
PET Montreal International Airport - Pierre Elliott Trudeau
PHAC Public Health Agency of Canada
PIA Toronto Pearson International Airport
PNP Provincial Nominee Program
POB Place of Birth
POE Port of Entry
PP Protected Persons
PR Permanent Resident
PRC Permanent Resident Card
PRRA Pre-Removal Risk Assessment
PRTD Permanent Resident Travel Document
PSEPC Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (formally PSC)
PSR Privately Sponsored Refugee
PT Provinces and Territories
PTSS Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome
PTR Protected Temporary Resident
RAP Resettlement Assistance Program
RAP-IS Resettlement Assistance Program Income Support
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RIF Francophone immigration networks
RM Refugee Monitoring
RMC Refugee Matching Centre
RRF Resettlement Registration Form (UNHCR)
RSTP Refugee Sponsorship Training Program
RTD Refugee Travel Document
RTS Refugee Tracking System
SAH Sponsorship Agreement Holder
SJTD Single Journey Travel Document
SPO Service Provider Organization
SWIS Settlement Workers in School
TD Travel Document
TFW Temporary Foreign Worker
TR Temporary Resident
TRA Threat and Risk Assessment
TRP Temporary Resident Permit
TRV Temporary Resident Visa
UCI Unique Client Identifier Number
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees / UN Refugee Agency
VOR Visa Office-Referred (case)
Counterfoil Codes
B - 1
Business Visitor
C - 1
D - 1
F - 1
Facilitation Visa
IM - 1
Immigrant (single-entry visa for PR)
0 - 1
PA - 1
Permit Holder
PAX - 1
National Interest TRP
PC - 1
Permit Holder with Valid TRP
PG - 1
Parents or Grandparents Super Visa
R - 1
Passed-Residency Obligation
RA - 1
Presence at Appeal
RC - 1
Passed H&C – PR Travel Document
RX - 1
Attending a PR hearing while present in Canada in the past 365 days
S - 1
A student with Study Permit
SW - 1
An international student with Study and Work Permit
SX - 1
A student exempt from the requirement to obtain a Study Permit
V - 1
VH - 1
Visitor in Transit for not more than 48 hours
W - 1
A worker with Work Permit
WX - 1
A worker exempt from the requirement to obtain a Work Permit
Acronyms used at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Français Description
AR Accusé de réception
FEP Programme des femmes en péril
ASF Agent des services frontaliers
RDBV Programme mixte des réfugiés désignés par un bureau des visas
EC Entente de contribution
CT Convention contre la torture
ASFC Agence des services frontaliers du Canada
CCR Conseil canadien pour les réfugiés
CEC Catégorie de l’expérience canadienne
ADP Appel de propositions
GC Groupes constitutifs
LCDP Loi canadienne sur les droits de la personne
CCDP Commission canadienne des droits de la personne
CIC Citoyenneté et immigration Canada
NCLC Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens
BTC- NCLC Batterie de tests de classement aux Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens
DPRP Dernier pays de résidence permanente
CMAS « Childminding Monitoring Advisory and Support »
PDN Pays de naissance
CI Certificat d’identité
CDRP Confirmation de résidence permanente
CTD Centre de traitement des demandes
RC Réfugié au sens de la Convention
RC Répondant communautaire
SCRS Service canadien du renseignement de sécurité
CSQ Certificat de sélection du Québec
AID Agent d’immigration désigné
DDJ Demande de destination-jumelage
MD Médecin désigné
DDN Date de naissance
DOJ Ministère de la Justice
RD Membres de la famille de personnes protégées
AE Agent examinateur
EDSC Emploi et développement social Canada
ALS Anglais langue seconde
TVU Titre de voyage d'urgence
RF Regroupement familial
PTQF Programme des travailleurs qualifiés du volet fédéral
FN Ressortissant étranger
FPT Fédéral, provincial et territorial
FLS Français langue seconde
G5 Groupe de cinq
AMC Affaires mondiales Canada (anciennement
RPG Réfugié pris en charge par le gouvernement
SMGC Système mondial de gestion des cas
COG Centre des opérations du gouvernement
GdC ou GC Gouvernement du Canada
CH Considérations humanitaires
CDCH Catégories désignées pour considérations humanitaires
HPC Catégories des personnes protégées à titre humanitaire outre-frontières
iEDEC Immigration – Environnement de déclarations d'ententes de contribution
PIRDCP Pacte international relatif aux droits civils et politiques
CRCIC Conseil de réglementation des consultants en immigration du Canada
PDI Personne déplacée à l’intérieur du territoire
PFSI Programme fédéral de santé intérimaire
ILS Logement provisoire
EMR Examen médical réglementaire
INTERPOL Organisation internationale de police criminelle
AI Agent d’immigration
OIM Organisation internationale pour les migrations
RI Région internationale
CISR Commission de l’immigration et du statut de réfugié
IRCC Immigration, Réfugiées et Citoyenneté Canada
LIPR Loi sur l’immigration et la protection des réfugiés
RIPR Règlement sur l’immigration et la protection des réfugiés
SR Soutien du revenu
PAC Parrainage d’aide conjointe
CLIC Cours de langue pour les immigrants au Canada
PLI Partenariats locaux en matière d’immigration
CJ Centre de jumelage
TPA Transmission du préavis d’arrivée
ONG Organisme non gouvernemental
NRA Agence OTAN pour les réfugiés
CNER Centre national d’évaluation des risques
CNÉ Conseil national de l’établissement
AMG Autres ministères du gouvernement
MLO Minorité/Minoritaire de langue officielle
DP Demandeur principal
LPRP Loi sur la protection des renseignements personnels
PET Aéroport de Montréal: International Pierre Elliott Trudeau
ASPC Agence de la santé publique du Canada
PIA Aéroport International Pearson de Toronto
PCP Programme de candidats de la province
LN Lieu de naissance
PDE Point d’entrée
PP Personnes protégées
RP Résident permanant
CRP Carte de résident permanent
ERAR Examen des risques avant renvoi
TVRP Titre de voyage pour résident permanent
SPPCC Sécurité publique et protection civile Canada (anciennement SPC)
RPSP Réfugié parrainé par le secteur privé
PT Les provinces et les territoires
SSPT Syndrome de stress post-traumatique
RTP Résidents temporaires protégés
PAR Programme d’aide à la réinstallation
SR-PAR Soutien du revenu du Programme d'aide à la réinstallation
GRC Gendarmerie royale du Canada
RIF Réseaux en immigration Francophone
CR Contrôle des réfugiés
CJR Centre de jumelage pour les réfugiés
FER Formulaire d’enregistrement aux fins de réinstallation (HCR)
PFPP Programme de formation sur le parrainage privé
TVR Titre de voyage pour réfugié
SSCR Système de suivi du cas des réfugiés
SEP Signataire d’une entente de parrainage
DVAS Document de voyage d’aller simple
FS Fournisseur de services
TEE Travailleurs de l’établissement dans les écoles
DV Document de voyage
TET Travailleurs étrangers temporaires
RT Résident temporaire
EMR Évaluation de la menace et des risques
PST Permis de séjour temporaire
VRT Visa de résident temporaire
IUC Identificateur unique de client
HCR Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés / L’Agence des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés
CDBV Cas désignés par les bureaux des visas